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Distributed Coding Scheme for Multi-view Video through Efficient Side Information Generation
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 Title & Authors
Distributed Coding Scheme for Multi-view Video through Efficient Side Information Generation
Yoo, Jihwan; Ko, Min Soo; Kwon, Soon Chul; Seo, Young-Ho; Kim, Dong-Wook; Yoo, Jisang;
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In this paper, a distributed image coding scheme for multi-view video through an efficient generation of side information is proposed. A distributed video coding technique corrects the errors in the side information, which is generated with the original image, by using the channel coding technique at the decoder. Therefore, the more correct the generated side information is, the better the performance of distributed video coding. The proposed technique is to apply the distributed video coding schemes to the image coding for multi-view video. It generates side information by selectively and efficiently using both 3-dimensional warping based on the depth map with spatially adjacent frames and motion-compensated temporal interpolation with temporally adjacent frames. In this scheme the difference between the adjacent frames, the sizes of the motion vectors for the adjacent blocks, and the edge information are used as the selection criteria. From the experiments, it was observed that the quality of the side information generated by the proposed technique was improved by the average peak signal-to-noise ratio of 0.97dB than the one by motion-compensated temporal interpolation or 3-dimensional warping. The result from analyzing the rate-distortion curves revealed that the proposed scheme could reduce the bit-rate by 8.01% on average at the same peak signal-to-noise ratio value, compared to previous work.
Distributed video coding;Multi-view video coding;Side information;Depth map;3D warping;
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