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Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Based Wind Speed Forecasting Studies
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 Title & Authors
Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Based Wind Speed Forecasting Studies
Chandra, D. Rakesh; Kumari, Matam Sailaja; Sydulu, Maheswarapu; Grimaccia, F.; Mussetta, M.;
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Wind has been a rapidly growing renewable power source for the last twenty years. Since wind behavior is chaotic in nature, its forecasting is not easy. At the same time, developing an accurate forecasting method is essential when wind farms are integrated into the power grid. In fact, wind speed forecasting tools can solve issues related to grid stability and reserve allocation. In this paper 30 hours ahead wind speed profile forecast is proposed using Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network (AWNN). The implemented AWNN uses a Mexican hat mother Wavelet, and Morlet Mother Wavelet for seven, eight and nine levels decompositions. For wind speed forecasting, the time series data on wind speed has been gathered from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website. In this work, hourly averaged 10-min wind speed data sets for the year 2004 in the Midwest ISO region (site number 7263) is taken for analysis. Data sets are normalized in the range of [-1, 1] to improve the training performance of forecasting models. Total 8760 samples were taken for this forecasting analysis. After the forecasting phase, statistical parameters are calculated to evaluate system accuracy, comparing different configurations.
Wind speed forecasting;Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network (AWNN);Mexican hat wavelet;Morlet wavelet;Statistical parameters;
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