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Static Switch Controller Based on Artificial Neural Network in Micro-Grid Systems
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 Title & Authors
Static Switch Controller Based on Artificial Neural Network in Micro-Grid Systems
Saeedimoghadam, Mojtaba; Moazzami, Majid; Nabavi, Seyed. M.H.; Dehghani, Majid;
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Micro-grid is connected to the main power grid through a static switch. One of the critical issues in micro-grids is protection which must disconnect the micro-grid from the network in short-circuit contingencies. Protective methods of micro-grid mainly follow the model of distribution system protection. This protection scheme suffers from improper operation due to the presence of single-phase loads, imbalance of three-phase loads and occurrence of power swings in micro-grid. In this paper, a new method which prevents from improper performance of static micro-grid protection is proposed. This method works based on artificial neural network (ANN) and able to differentiate short circuit from power swings by measuring impedance and the rate of impedance variations in PCC bus. This new technique provides a protective system with higher reliability.
Artificial Neural Network (ANN);Micro-grids;Static switch;
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