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A Water-Wall Model of Supercritical Once-Through Boilers Using Lumped Parameter Method
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 Title & Authors
A Water-Wall Model of Supercritical Once-Through Boilers Using Lumped Parameter Method
Go, Geon; Moon, Un-Chul;
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This paper establishes a compact and practical model for a water-wall system comprising supercritical once-through boilers, which can be used for automatic control or simple analysis of the entire boiler-turbine system. Input and output variables of the water-wall system are defined, and balance equations are applied using a lumped parameter method. For practical purposes, the dynamic equations are developed with respect to pressure and temperature instead of density and internal energy. A comparison with results obtained using APESS, a practical thermal power plant simulator developed by Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, is presented with respect to steady state and transient responses.
Dynamic modelling;Supercritical once-through boiler;Water wall;
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