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Polynomial Fuzzy Radial Basis Function Neural Network Classifiers Realized with the Aid of Boundary Area Decision
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 Title & Authors
Polynomial Fuzzy Radial Basis Function Neural Network Classifiers Realized with the Aid of Boundary Area Decision
Roh, Seok-Beom; Oh, Sung-Kwun;
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In the area of clustering, there are numerous approaches to construct clusters in the input space. For regression problem, when forming clusters being a part of the overall model, the relationships between the input space and the output space are essential and have to be taken into consideration. Conditional Fuzzy C-Means (c-FCM) clustering offers an opportunity to analyze the structure in the input space with the mechanism of supervision implied by the distribution of data present in the output space. However, like other clustering methods, c-FCM focuses on the distribution of the data. In this paper, we introduce a new method, which by making use of the ambiguity index focuses on the boundaries of the clusters whose determination is essential to the quality of the ensuing classification procedures. The introduced design is illustrated with the aid of numeric examples that provide a detailed insight into the performance of the fuzzy classifiers and quantify several essentials design aspects.
Polynomial fuzzy radial basis function neural network;Conditional fuzzy clustering;Pattern classification;Imbalanced data;
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