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Secured Authentication through Integration of Gait and Footprint for Human Identification
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 Title & Authors
Secured Authentication through Integration of Gait and Footprint for Human Identification
Murukesh, C.; Thanushkodi, K.; Padmanabhan, Preethi; Feroze, Naina Mohamed D.;
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Gait Recognition is a new technique to identify the people by the way they walk. Human gait is a spatio-temporal phenomenon that typifies the motion characteristics of an individual. The proposed method makes a simple but efficient attempt to gait recognition. For each video file, spatial silhouettes of a walker are extracted by an improved background subtraction procedure using Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). Here GMM is used as a parametric probability density function represented as a weighted sum of Gaussian component densities. Then, the relevant features are extracted from the silhouette tracked from the given video file using the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method. The Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis (FLDA) classifier is used in the classification of dimensional reduced image derived by the PCA method for gait recognition. Although gait images can be easily acquired, the gait recognition is affected by clothes, shoes, carrying status and specific physical condition of an individual. To overcome this problem, it is combined with footprint as a multimodal biometric system. The minutiae is extracted from the footprint and then fused with silhouette image using the Discrete Stationary Wavelet Transform (DSWT). The experimental result shows that the efficiency of proposed fusion algorithm works well and attains better result while comparing with other fusion schemes.
Gait recognition;Gaussian mixture model;PCA;FLDA;Footprint;Minutiae extraction;Discrete stationary wavelet transform;
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