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Fuzzy Based Shadow Removal and Integrated Boundary Detection for Video Surveillance
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 Title & Authors
Fuzzy Based Shadow Removal and Integrated Boundary Detection for Video Surveillance
Niranjil, Kumar A.; Sureshkumar, C.;
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We present a scalable object tracking framework, which is capable of removing shadows and tracking the people. The framework consists of background subtraction, fuzzy based shadow removal and boundary tracking algorithm. This work proposes a general-purpose method that combines statistical assumptions with the object-level knowledge of moving objects, apparent objects, and shadows acquired in the processing of the previous frames. Pixels belonging to moving objects and shadows are processed differently in order to supply an object-based selective update. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method is able to track the object boundaries under significant shadows with noise and background clutter.
Background Subtraction;Fuzzy Logic;Foreground Detection;Shadow Removal;Video Surveillance;
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