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Smooth Wind Power Fluctuation Based on Battery Energy Storage System for Wind Farm
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 Title & Authors
Smooth Wind Power Fluctuation Based on Battery Energy Storage System for Wind Farm
Wei, Zhang; Moon, Byung Young; Joo, Young Hoon;
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This paper addresses on a wind power system with BESS(Battery Energy Storage System). The concerned system consists of four parts: the wind speed production model, the wind turbine model, configure capacity of the battery energy storage, battery model and control of the BESS. First of all, we produce wind speed by 4-component composite wind speed model. Secondly, the maximum available wind power is determined by analyzing the produced wind speed and the characteristic curve of wind power. Thirdly, we configure capacity of the BESS according to wind speed and characteristic curve of wind speed-power. Then, we propose a control strategy to track the power reference. Finally, some simulations have been demonstrated to visualize the feasibility of the proposed methodology.
Wind speed;Wind turbine;Wind farm;ESS(Energy Storage System);BESS(Battery energy storage system);Smooth wind power fluctuation;
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