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Phase Advance Control to Reduce Torque Ripple of Brush-less DC Motor According to Winding Connection, Wye and Delta
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 Title & Authors
Phase Advance Control to Reduce Torque Ripple of Brush-less DC Motor According to Winding Connection, Wye and Delta
Lee, Tae-Yong; Song, Jun-Young; Kim, Jaehong; Kim, Yong-Jae; Jung, Sang-Yong; Je, Jung-Moon;
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In this research, the characteristics of Brush-less DC (BLDC) motor in accordance with winding connection method, both Y-connection and D -connection, has been identified with design methodology simply. BLDC motor has been designed for both winding connections, and their torque analysis has been performed considering ideal current source analysis and voltage source analysis with 6-step control. In addition, to reduce torque ripple of BLDC motor, caused by coil inductance, on voltage source analysis with 6-step control, we have proposed suitable control method which is Phase Advance Control. It is verified that the torque ripple has been decreased by virtue of phase advance control, advancing and widening conduction angle of switching, via performance analysis by Finite Element Analysis.
Brush-less DC motor;Winding connection method;Current source analysis;Voltage source analysis;Phase advance control;Finite element analysis;
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