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A Supercapacitor Remaining Energy Control Method for Smoothing a Fluctuating Renewable Energy Power
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 Title & Authors
A Supercapacitor Remaining Energy Control Method for Smoothing a Fluctuating Renewable Energy Power
Lee, Wujong; Cha, Hanju;
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This paper proposes a control method for maintaining the energy level for a supercapacitor energy storage system coupled with a wind generator to stabilize wind power output. Although wind power is green and clean energy source, disadvantage of the renewable energy output power is fluctuation. In order to mitigate the fluctuating output power, supercapacitor energy storage system (SCESS) and wind power simulator is developed. A remaining energy supercapacitor (RESC) control is introduced and analyzed to smooth for short-term fluctuating power and maintain the supercapacitor voltage within the designed operating range in the steady as well as transient state. When the average and fluctuating component of power increases instantaneously, the RESC compensates fluctuating power and the variation of fluctuating power is reduced 100% to 30% at 5kW power. Furthermore, supercapacitor voltage is maintained within the operating voltage range and near 50% of total energy. Feasibility of SCESS with RESC control is verified through simulation and experiment.
Fluctuating power;Supercapacitor energy storage system;Remaining energy;Smoothing;Maintaining energy level;
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