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Multi-field Coupling Simulation and Experimental Study on Transformer Vibration Caused by DC Bias
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 Title & Authors
Multi-field Coupling Simulation and Experimental Study on Transformer Vibration Caused by DC Bias
Wang, Jingang; Gao, Can; Duan, Xu; Mao, Kai;
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DC bias will cause abnormal vibration of transformers. Aiming at such a problem, transformer vibration affected by DC bias has been studied combined with transformer core and winding vibration mechanism use multi-physical field simulation software COMSOL in this paper. Furthermore the coupling model of electromagnetic-structural force field has been established, and the variation pattern of inner flux density, distribution of mechanical stress, tension and displacement were analyzed based on the coupling model. Finally, an experiment platform has been built up which was employed to verify the correctness of model.
Multi-physical field simulation in COMSOL;Electromagnetic-structural force field coupling;DC bias transformer vibration;
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