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Data Interpolation and Design Optimisation of Brushless DC Motor Using Generalized Regression Neural Network
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 Title & Authors
Data Interpolation and Design Optimisation of Brushless DC Motor Using Generalized Regression Neural Network
Umadevi, N.; Balaji, M.; Kamaraj, V.; Padmanaban, L. Ananda;
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This paper proposes a generalized regression neural network (GRNN) based algorithm for data interpolation and design optimization of brushless dc (BLDC) motor. The procedure makes use of magnet length, stator slot opening and air gap length as design variables. Cogging torque and average torque are treated as performance indices. The optimal design necessitates mitigating the cogging torque and maximizing the average torque by varying design variables. The data set for interpolation and ensuing design optimisation using GRNN is obtained by modeling a standard BLDC motor using finite element analysis (FEA) tool MagNet 7.1.1. The performance indices of the standard motor obtained using FEA are validated with an experimental model and an analytical method. The optimal design is authenticated using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and the performance indices of the optimal design obtained using GRNN is validated using FEA. The results indicate the suitability of GRNN as an interpolation and design optimization tool for a BLDC motor.
BLDC motor;Cogging torque;FEA;GRNN;PSO;
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