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Common Model EMI Prediction in Motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle Application
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 Title & Authors
Common Model EMI Prediction in Motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle Application
Yang, Yong-Ming; Peng, He-Meng; Wang, Quan-Di;
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Common mode (CM) conducted interference are predicted and compared with experiments in a motor drive system of Electric vehicles in this study. The prediction model considers each part as an equivalent circuit model which is represented by lumped parameters and proposes the parameter extraction method. For the modeling of the inverter, a concentrated and equivalent method is used to process synthetically the CM interference source and the stray capacitance. For the parameter extraction in the power line model, a computation method that combines analytical method and finite element method is used. The modeling of the motor is based on measured date of the impedance and vector fitting technique. It is shown that the parasitic currents and interference voltage in the system can be simulated in the different parts of the prediction model in the conducted frequency range (150 kHz-30 MHz). Experiments have successfully confirmed that the approach is effective.
Electric vehicles;Electromagnetic interference;Motor drives;Modeling;Parameter extraction;
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