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Application of a Textile-based Inductive Sensor for the Vital Sign Monitoring
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 Title & Authors
Application of a Textile-based Inductive Sensor for the Vital Sign Monitoring
Gi, Sun Ok; Lee, Young Jae; Koo, Hye Ran; Khang, Seonah; Kim, Kyung-Nam; Kang, Seung-Jin; Lee, Joo Hyeon; Lee, Jeong-Whan;
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In this study, we developed a feasible structure of a textile-based inductive sensor using a machine embroidery method, and applied it to a non-contact type vital sign sensing device based on the principle of magnetic-induced conductivity. The mechanical heart activity signals acquired through the inductive sensor embroidered with conductive textile on fabric were compared with the Lead II ECG signals and with respiration signals, which were simultaneously measured in every case with five subjects. The analysis result showed that the locations of the R-peak in the ECG signal were highly associated with sharp peaks in the signals obtained through the textile-based inductive sensor (r
Magnetic-induced conductivity sensing method;Inductive sensor;Textile-based sensor;Vital sign monitoring;Heart rate sensing;Respiration sensing;Ubiquitous health care system;
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