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An Efficient Control Strategy Based Multi Converter UPQC using with Fuzzy Logic Controller for Power Quality Problems
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 Title & Authors
An Efficient Control Strategy Based Multi Converter UPQC using with Fuzzy Logic Controller for Power Quality Problems
Paduchuri, Chandra Babu; Dash, Subhransu Sekhar; Subramani, C.; Kiran, S. Harish;
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A custom power device provides an integrated solution to the present problems that are faced by the utilities and power distribution. In this paper, a new controller is designed which is connected to a multiconverter unified power quality conditioner (MC-UPQC) for improving the power quality issues adopted modified synchronous reference frame (MSRF) theory with Fuzzy logic control (FLC) technique. This newly designed controller is connected to a source in order to compensate voltage and current in two feeders. The expanded concept of UPQC is multi converter-UPQC; this system has a two-series voltage source inverter and one shunt voltage source inverter connected back to back. This configuration will helps mitigate any type of voltage / current fluctuations and power factor correction in power distribution network to improve power quality issues. In the proposed system the power can be conveyed from one feeder to another in order to mitigate the voltage sag, swell, interruption and transient response of the system. The control strategies of multi converter- UPQC are designed based on the modified synchronous reference frame theory with fuzzy logic controller. The fast dynamics response of dc link capacitor is achieved with the help of Fuzzy logic controller. Different types of fault conditions are taken and simulated for the analysis and the results are compared with the conventional method. The relevant simulation and compensation performance analysis of the proposed multi converter-UPQC with fuzzy logic controller is performed.
UPQC;Fuzzy logic controller;VSC;voltage sag/swell;MSRF theory;
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