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Real Coded Biogeography-Based Optimization for Environmental Constrained Dynamic Optimal Power Flow
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 Title & Authors
Real Coded Biogeography-Based Optimization for Environmental Constrained Dynamic Optimal Power Flow
Kumar, A. Ramesh; Premalatha, L.;
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The optimization is an important role in wide geographical distribution of electrical power market, finding the optimum solution for the operation and design of power systems has become a necessity with the increasing cost of raw materials, depleting energy resources and the ever growing demand for electrical energy. In this paper, the real coded biogeography based optimization is proposed to minimize the operating cost with optimal setting of equality and inequality constraints of thermal power system. The proposed technique aims to improve the real coded searing ability, unravel the prematurity of solution and enhance the population assortment of the biogeography based optimization algorithm by using adaptive Gaussian mutation. This algorithm is demonstrated on the standard IEEE-30 bus system and the comparative results are made with existing population based methods.
Biogeography based optimization;Diversity;Dynamic optimal power flow;Real coded;Searching ability;
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