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Estimating Stability of MTDC Systems with Different Control Strategy
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 Title & Authors
Estimating Stability of MTDC Systems with Different Control Strategy
Nguyen, Thai-Thanh; Son, Ho-Ik; Kim, Hak-Man;
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The stability of a multi-terminal direct current (MTDC) system is often influenced by its control strategy. To improve the stability of the MTDC system, the control strategy of the MTDC system must be appropriately adopted. This paper deals with estimating stability of a MTDC system based on the line-commutated converter based high voltage direct current (LCC HVDC) system with an inverter with constant extinction angle (CEA) control or a rectifier with constant ignition angle (CIA) control. In order to evaluate effects of two control strategies on stability, a MTDC system is tested on two conditions: initialization and changing DC power transfer. In order to compare the stability effects of the MTDC system according to each control strategy, a mathematical MTDC model is analyzed in frequency domain and time domain. In addition, Bode stability criterion and transient response are carried out to estimate its stability.
Multi-terminal Direct Current;Control strategy;Stability of MTDC system;Line-commutated converter (LCC) HVDC system;
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