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DC Microgrid Operational Method for Enhanced Service Reliability Using DC Bus Signaling
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 Title & Authors
DC Microgrid Operational Method for Enhanced Service Reliability Using DC Bus Signaling
Hwang, Pyeong-Ik; Jang, Gilsoo; Pyo, Gi-Chan; Han, Byung-Moon; Moon, Seung-Il; Ahn, Seon-Ju;
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This paper proposes a DC microgrid operational strategy and control method for improved service reliability. The objective is to supply power to as many non-critical loads as possible, while providing an uninterrupted power supply to critical loads. The DC bus signaling method, in which DC voltage is an information carrier, is employed to implement the operational strategy in a decentralized manner. During grid-connected operation, a grid-tied converter balances the power of the microgrid by controlling the DC voltage. All loads are connected to the microgrid, and operate normally. During islanded operation, distributed generators (DGs), a backup generator, or an energy storage system balances the power. However, some non-critical loads may be disconnected from the microgrid to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to critical loads. For enhanced service reliability, disconnected loads can be automatically reconnected if certain conditions are satisfied. Control rules are proposed for all devices, and detailed microgrid operational modes and transition conditions are then discussed. Additionally, methods to determine control parameter settings are proposed. PSCAD/EMTDC simulation results demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the proposed operational strategy and control method.
Autonomous operation;DC bus signaling;DC microgrid;Decentralized operation;
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