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Performance Analysis and Experimental Verification of Buck Converter fed DC Series Motor using Hybrid Intelligent Controller with Stability Analysis and Parameter Variations
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis and Experimental Verification of Buck Converter fed DC Series Motor using Hybrid Intelligent Controller with Stability Analysis and Parameter Variations
Thangaraju, I.; Muruganandam, M.; Madheswaran, M.;
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This article presents a closed loop control of DC series motor fed by DC chopper controlled by an PID controller based intelligent control using ANN (Artificial Neural Network). The PID-ANN controller performances are analyzed in both steady state and dynamic operating condition with various set speed and various load torque. Here two different motor parameters are taken for analysis (220V and 110V motor parameters). The static and dynamic performances are taken for comparison with conventional PID controller and existing work. The steady state stability analysis of the system also made using the transfer function model. The equation model is also done to analysis the performances by set speed change and load torque change. The proposed controller have better control over the conventional PID controller and the reported existing work. This system is initially simulated using MATLAB / Simulink and then experimental setup done using P89V51RD2BN microcontroller.
DC series motor;PID controller;Artificial neural network controller;DC Chopper;MATLAB/Simulink;Embedded system;
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