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Maximum Efficiency Operation of Three-Level T-type Inverter for Low-Voltage and Low-Power Home Appliances
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 Title & Authors
Maximum Efficiency Operation of Three-Level T-type Inverter for Low-Voltage and Low-Power Home Appliances
Shin, Seung-Min; Ahn, Jung-Hoon; Lee, Byoung-Kuk;
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This paper proposes a maximum efficiency operation strategy for three-level T-type inverter in entire operation areas. The three-level T-type inverter has higher and lower efficiency areas compared with two-level inverter. The proposed strategy aims to operate in the maximum efficiency point for the low-voltage and low-power home appliances. The three-level T-type inverter is analyzed in detail, and the two operation mode selection strategy is developed. The proposed algorithm is verified by theoretical analysis and experimental results.
Three-level inverter;T-type inverter;Maximum efficiency operation;Low-voltage home appliance;
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