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CAD Scheme To Detect Brain Tumour In MR Images using Active Contour Models and Tree Classifiers
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 Title & Authors
CAD Scheme To Detect Brain Tumour In MR Images using Active Contour Models and Tree Classifiers
Helen, R.; Kamaraj, N.;
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Medical imaging is one of the most powerful tools for gaining information about internal organs and tissues. It is a challenging task to develop sophisticated image analysis methods in order to improve the accuracy of diagnosis. The objective of this paper is to develop a Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) scheme for Brain Tumour detection from Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) using active contour models and to investigate with several approaches for improving CAD performances. The problem in clinical medicine is the automatic detection of brain Tumours with maximum accuracy and in less time. This work involves the following steps: i) Segmentation performed by Fuzzy Clustering with Level Set Method (FCMLSM) and performance is compared with snake models based on Balloon force and Gradient Vector Force (GVF), Distance Regularized Level Set Method (DRLSE). ii) Feature extraction done by Shape and Texture based features. iii) Brain Tumour detection performed by various tree classifiers. Based on investigation FCMLSM is well suited segmentation method and Random Forest is the most optimum classifier for this problem. This method gives accuracy of 97% and with minimum classification error. The time taken to detect Tumour is approximately 2 mins for an examination (30 slices).
Computer aided diagnostics;Level set method;Segmentation;Feature extraction;Feature selection;Tree classifiers;
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