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Nonlinear Observer-based Control of Synchronous Machine Drive System
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 Title & Authors
Nonlinear Observer-based Control of Synchronous Machine Drive System
Sundrica, Marijo; Erceg, Igor; Maljkovic, Zlatko;
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Starting from a new dynamic system description novel synchronous machine deterministic observers are proposed. Reduced and full order adaptive observer variations are presented. Based on the feedback linearization control law and the use of deterministic observer a novel control system is built. It meets the requirements of high performance tracking system. Adaptivity to stator and rotor resistance and the torque sensorless application is included. The comparison of the proposed novel control with conventional linear and nonlinear control systems is discussed. The given simulational study includes complete drive system integration.
Adaptive control;Linearization techniques;Motor drives;Nonlinear control systems;Observers;
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