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Partial O-state Clamping PWM Method for Three-Level NPC Inverter with a SiC Clamp Diode
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 Title & Authors
Partial O-state Clamping PWM Method for Three-Level NPC Inverter with a SiC Clamp Diode
Ku, Nam-Joon; Kim, Rae-Young; Hyun, Dong-Seok;
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This paper presents the reverse recovery characteristic according to the change of switching states when Si diode and SiC diode are used as clamp diode and proposes a method to minimize the switching loss containing the reverse recovery loss in the neutral-point-clamped inverter at low modulation index. The previous papers introduce many multiple circuits replacing Si diode with SiC diode to reduce the switching loss. In the neutral-point-clamped inverter, the switching loss can be also reduced by replacing device in the clamp diode. However, the switching loss in IGBT is large and the reduced switching loss cannot be still neglected. It is expected that the reverse recovery effect can be infrequent and the switching loss can be considerably reduced by the proposed method. Therefore, it is also possible to operate the inverter at the higher frequency with the better system efficiency and reduce the volume, weight and cost of filters and heatsink. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by numerical analysis and experiment results.
Multi-level inverter;PWM method;SiC diode;
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