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Microfabrication of Vertical Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors on an Anodized Aluminum Oxide Template Using Atomic Layer Deposition
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 Title & Authors
Microfabrication of Vertical Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors on an Anodized Aluminum Oxide Template Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Jung, Sunghwan;
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This paper presents vertical carbon nanotube (CNT) field effect transistors (FETs). For the first time, the author successfully fabricated vertical CNT-based FETs on an anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) template by using atomic layer deposition (ALD). Single walled CNTs were vertically grown and aligned with the vertical pores of an AAO template. By using ALD, a gate oxide material (Al2O3) and a gate metal (Au) were centrally located inside each pore, allowing the vertical CNTs grown in the pores to be individually gated. Characterizations of the gated/vertical CNTs were carried and the successful gate integration with the CNTs was confirmed.
Anodized aluminum oxide (AAO);Atomic layer deposition (ALD);Carbon nanotube (CNT);Field effect transistor (FET);
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