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A New Unified Scheme Computing the Quadrature Weights, Integration and Differentiation Matrix for the Spectral Method
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 Title & Authors
A New Unified Scheme Computing the Quadrature Weights, Integration and Differentiation Matrix for the Spectral Method
Kim, Chang-Joo; Park, Joon-Goo; Sung, Sangkyung;
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A unified numerical method for computing the quadrature weights, integration matrix, and differentiation matrix is newly developed in this study. For this purpose, a spline-like interpolation using piecewise continuous polynomials is converted into a global spline interpolation formula, with which the quadrature formulas can be derived from integration and differentiation of the transformed function in an exact manner. To prove the usefulness of the suggested approach, both the Lagrange and tension spline interpolations are represented in exactly the same form as global spline interpolation. The applicability of the proposed method on arbitrary nodes is illustrated using two different sets of nodes. A series of validations using three test functions is conducted to show the flexibility in selecting computational nodes with the present method.
Computational nodes;Quadrature formula;Spline interpolation;Spectral method;
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