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Flexible Transmission Expansion Planning for Integrating Wind Power Based on Wind Power Distribution Characteristics
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 Title & Authors
Flexible Transmission Expansion Planning for Integrating Wind Power Based on Wind Power Distribution Characteristics
Wang, Jianxue; Wang, Ruogu; Zeng, Pingliang; You, Shutang; Li, Yunhao; Zhang, Yao;
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Traditional transmission planning usually caters for rated wind power output. Due to the low occurrence probability of nominal capacity of wind power and huge investment in transmission, these planning methods will leads to low utilization rates of transmission lines and poor economic efficiency. This paper provides a novel transmission expansion planning method for integrating large-scale wind power. The wind power distribution characteristics of large-scale wind power output and its impact on transmission planning are analyzed. Based on the wind power distribution characteristics, this paper proposes a flexible and economic transmission planning model which saves substantial transmission investment through spilling a small amount of peak output of wind power. A methodology based on Benders decomposition is used to solve the model. The applicability and effectiveness of the model and algorithm are verified through a numerical case.
Large-scale wind power;Wind power distribution characteristics;Transmission planning;Benders decomposition;
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