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Analysis of Induction Motor-pump System Supplied by a Photovoltaic Generator for Agricultural Irrigation in Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Induction Motor-pump System Supplied by a Photovoltaic Generator for Agricultural Irrigation in Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
Gumus, Bilal; Yakut, Yurdagul Bentesen;
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In agricultural systems, significant amount of energy is consumed during irrigation periods. Therefore operating irrigation systems with electrical energy produced by solar energy is very important. It is be possible to operate irrigation systems which have small-pump power like drip-irrigation with electrical energy produced by solar energy. Electrical energy produced by photovoltaic panels can vary from the estimated value due to environmental factors. Consequently analysis of a real system`s performance is important. Thus, more correct projections can be made for the systems which will be designed. In this study, induction motor-pump mechanism for drip-irrigation system is operated with photovoltaic generator. Solar energy capacity of the established system is evaluated by measurements in irrigation periods. By means of simulations, power values produced by system and gained from the actual system are compared. Additionally the performance of induction motor is analyzed with the help of the driver system that increases the efficiency and controls the motor. As regards of results, design values of the drip-irrigation systems fed with solar energy in Southeastern Anatolian Regions of Turkey are obtained. Performance results of induction motor controlled with driver are also provided.
Solar energy;Photovoltaic generator;Speed control of induction motor;Simulation;Irrigation system with solar energy;
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