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The Power Analysis and Its Control of Two-phase Orthogonal Power Supply for the Continuous Casting
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 Title & Authors
The Power Analysis and Its Control of Two-phase Orthogonal Power Supply for the Continuous Casting
Ma, Fujun; Luo, An; Xiong, Qiaopo;
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In order to improve the quality of the billet continuous casting, a two-phase orthogonal power supply (TPOPS) for electromagnetic stirrer is researched, which is composed of three-phase PWM rectifier and three-leg inverter. According to the power analysis of system, the ripple of dc-link voltage is analyzed and its analytical expression is derived. In order to improve the performance of electromagnetic stirring, an integrated control method with feedforward control is proposed for PWM rectifier to suppress the fluctuations of dc-link voltage and provide a stable dc source for inverter. According to the simplified equivalent model, a composite current control method is proposed for inverter. This proposed method can combine the merits of feedforward control with feedback control to effectively improve the dynamic output performance of TPOPS. Finally, a 300kVA prototype of TPOPS is developed, and the results have verified the analysis and control method.
Electromagnetic stirrer;Three-leg inverter;PWM rectifier;Power balance;Feedforward control;Feedback control;
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