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Prediction of Change in Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Transformer Winding Due to Axial Deformation using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Prediction of Change in Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Transformer Winding Due to Axial Deformation using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
Sathya, M. Arul; Usa, S.;
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Power transformer is one of the major and key apparatus in electric power system. Monitoring and diagnosis of transformer fault is necessary for improving the life period of transformer. The failures caused by short circuits are one of the causes of transformer outages. The short circuit currents induce excessive forces in the transformer windings which result in winding deformation affecting the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the winding. In the present work, a transformer producing only the radial flux under short circuit is considered. The corresponding axial displacement profile of the windings is computed using Finite Element Method based transient structural analysis and thus obtained displacements are compared with the experimental result. The change in inter disc capacitance and mutual inductance of the deformed windings due to different short circuit currents are computed using Finite Element Method based field analyses and the corresponding Sweep Frequency Responses are computed using the modified electrical equivalent circuit. From the change in the first resonant frequency, the winding movement can be quantified which will be useful for estimating the mechanical withstand capability of the winding for different short circuit currents in the design stage itself.
Displacement;Finite element method;Short circuit forces;Transformer;Transient structural analysis;Sweep frequency response analysis;
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