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Quantum-behaved Electromagnetism-like Mechanism Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch of Power System
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 Title & Authors
Quantum-behaved Electromagnetism-like Mechanism Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch of Power System
Zhisheng, Zhang; Wenjie, Gong; Xiaoyan, Duan;
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This paper presents a new algorithm called Quantum-behaved Electromagnetism-like Mechanism Algorithm which is used to solve economic load dispatch of power system. Electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm simulates attraction and repulsion mechanism for particles in the electromagnetic field. Every solution is a charged particle, and it move to optimum solution according to certain criteria. Quantum-behaved electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm merges quantum computing theory with electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm. Superposition characteristic of quantum methodology can make a single particle present several states, and the characteristic potentially increases population diversity. Probability representation of quantum methodology is to make particle state be presented according to a certain probability. And the quantum rotation gates are used to realize update operation of particles. The algorithm is tested for 13-generator system and 40-generator system, which validates it can effectively solve economic load dispatch problem. Through performance comparison, it is obvious the solution is superior to other optimization algorithm.
Economic load dispatch;Power system;Quantum-behaved electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm;Value-point effects;
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