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Dynamic Economic Dispatch and Control of a Stand-alone Microgrid in DongAo Island
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Economic Dispatch and Control of a Stand-alone Microgrid in DongAo Island
Ma, Yiwei; Yang, Ping; Guo, Hongxia; Wang, Yuewu;
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A dynamic economic dispatch and control method is proposed to minimize the overall generating cost for a stand-alone microgrid in DongAo Island, which is integrated with wind turbine generator, solar PV, diesel generator, battery storage, the seawater desalination system and the conventional loads. A new dispatching strategy is presented based on the ranking of component generation costs and two different control modes, in which diesel generator and battery storage alternate to act as the master power source to follow system power fluctuation. The optimal models and GA-based optimization process are given to minimize the overall system generating cost subject to the corresponding constraints and the proposed dispatch strategy. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified in the stand-alone microgrid in DongAo Island, and the results provide a feasible theoretical and technical basis for optimal energy management and operation control of stand-alone microgrid.
Dynamic economic dispatch;Stand-alone microgrid;Diesel generator;Battery storage;Seawater desalination;
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