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Economic Analysis of Power Transmission Lines using Interval Mathematics
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 Title & Authors
Economic Analysis of Power Transmission Lines using Interval Mathematics
Teegala, Srinivasa Kishore; Singal, Sunil Kumar;
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A major portion of the capital costs in the present day power transmission systems are due to the cost of equipment and construction process. Transmission utilities in the recent years are drawing greater attention towards performing life cycle costing studies for cost management and decision making. However, the data involved in these studies are highly uncertain and the effect of these uncertainties cannot be directly included in the study process, resulting in inaccurate solutions. Interval mathematics provides a method for including these uncertainties throughout the cost analysis and provides final solution range in the form of intervals. In this regard, it is essential and extremely important that significant research has to be carried out in understanding the principles of life cycle costing methodology and its applicability to cost analysis of transmission lines along with uncertainties involved in the cost assessment process. In this paper, economic analysis of power transmission lines using interval mathematics has been studied. Life cycle costing studies are performed using net present value analysis on a range transmission lines used in India and the results are analyzed. A cost break even analysis considering right of way costs was carried out to determine the point of economy indifference.
Overhead;Underground;Transmission line;Life cycle costing;Interval mathematics;Net present value analysis;Breakeven analysis;
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