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Design and Implementation of Direct Torque Control Based on an Intelligent Technique of Induction Motor on FPGA
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 Title & Authors
Design and Implementation of Direct Torque Control Based on an Intelligent Technique of Induction Motor on FPGA
Krim, Saber; Gdaim, Soufien; Mtibaa, Abdellatif; Mimouni, Mohamed Faouzi;
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In this paper the hardware implementation of the direct torque control based on the fuzzy logic technique of induction motor on the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is presented. Due to its complexity, the fuzzy logic technique implemented on a digital system like the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and microcontroller is characterized by a calculating delay. This delay is due to the processing speed which depends on the system complexity. The limitation of these solutions is inevitable. To solve this problem, an alternative digital solution is used, based on the FPGA, which is characterized by a fast processing speed, to take the advantage of the performances of the fuzzy logic technique in spite of its complex computation. The Conventional Direct Torque Control (CDTC) of the induction machine faces problems, like the high stator flux, electromagnetic torque ripples, and stator current distortions. To overcome the CDTC problems many methods are used such as the space vector modulation which is sensitive to the parameters variations of the machine, the increase in the switches inverter number which increases the cost of the inverter, and the artificial intelligence. In this paper an intelligent technique based on the fuzzy logic is used because it is allows controlling the systems without knowing the mathematical model. Also, we use a new method based on the Xilinx system generator for the hardware implementation of Direct Torque Fuzzy Control (DTFC) on the FPGA. The simulation results of the DTFC are compared to those of the CDTC. The comparison results illustrate the reduction in the torque and stator flux ripples of the DTFC and show the Xilinx Virtex V FPGA performances in terms of execution time.
Direct torque control;Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC);Induction motor;Real time;Xilinx system generator;FPGA.;
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