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Fractional-order LβCα Low-Pass Filter Circuit
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 Title & Authors
Fractional-order LβCα Low-Pass Filter Circuit
Zhou, Rui; Zhang, Run-Fan; Chen, Di-Yi;
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This paper introduces the fundamentals of the conventional LC low-pass filter circuit in the fractional domain. First, we study the new fundamentals of fractional-order LC low-pass filter circuit including the pure real angular frequency, the pure imaginary angular frequency and the short circuit angular frequency. Moreover, sensitivity analysis of the impedance characteristics and phase characteristics of the LC low-pass filter circuit with respect to the system variables is studied in detail, which shows the greater flexibility of the fractional-order filter circuit in designs. Furthermore, from the filtering property perspective, we systematically investigate the effects of the system variables (LC, frequency f and fractional orders) on the amplitude-frequency characteristics and phase-frequency characteristics. In addition, the detailed analyses of the cut-off frequency and filter factor are presented. Numerical experimental results are presented to verify the theoretical results introduced in this paper.
Fractional-order filter circuit;LC circuit;Sensitivity analysis;Amplitude-frequency characteristics;Phase-frequency characteristics;Cut-off frequency;
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