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Hybrid Cascaded MLI topology using Ternary Voltage Progression Technique with Multicarrier Strategy
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 Title & Authors
Hybrid Cascaded MLI topology using Ternary Voltage Progression Technique with Multicarrier Strategy
Venugopal, Jamuna; Subarnan, Gayathri Monicka;
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A major problem in conventional multilevel inverter is that an increase in power semiconductor switches causes an increase in cost and switching losses of the inverter. The multicarrier strategy adopted for the multilevel inverters has become more popular due to reduced cost, lower harmonic distortion, and higher voltage capability than the conventional switching strategy applied to inverters. Various topologies and modulation strategies have been reported for utility and drive applications. Level shifted based pulse width modulation techniques are proposed to investigate the performance of the multilevel inverter. The proposed work focuses on reducing the utilized switches so that the cost and the switching losses of the inverter do not go up and the consistent efficiency could be achieved. This paper presents the detailed analysis of these topologies. The analysis is based on the number of switches, DC sources, output level, maximum voltage, and the efficiency. As an illustration, single phase cascaded multilevel inverter topologies are simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK and the experimental results demonstrate the viability of these inverters.
Multilevel inverter;Level shifting technique;Multicarrier strategy;Unequal DC sources;
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