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Optimization of Parameters for LCL Filter of Least Square Method Based Three-phase PWM Converter
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 Title & Authors
Optimization of Parameters for LCL Filter of Least Square Method Based Three-phase PWM Converter
Zheng, Hong; Liang, Zheng-feng; Li, Meng-shu; Li, Kai;
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LCL filters are widely used in three-phase PWM converter for its advantages of small volume, low cost and inhibition of high frequency current harmonic. However, it is difficult to optimize its design because its parameters are mutually influenced while the value of each parameter for LCL filter has impacts on the converter`s cost and size. In this paper, the target of optimization is to minimize the parameter values of LCL filter, and an optimization method for parameters of LCL filter of three-phase PWM converter based on least square method is proposed. With this method, a quantitative calculation of the harmonic component of the converter’s side phase voltage is performed first, and then the quantitative relationship between phase voltage harmonics and grid phase current harmonics is analyzed. After that, the attenuation requirement of each harmonic is obtained by taking into account the requirements for each harmonic component of grid current. Then according to the optimization objective, the objective function with minimum harmonic attenuation deviation is established, and least squares method is adopted for three-dimensional global searching of parameters for LCL filter. Thus, the designed harmonic attenuation curve approximates the minimum attenuation requirements, and the optimized LCL filter parameters are obtained. Finally, the effectiveness of the method is verified by the experiments.
LCL filter;Three-phase PWM converter;Least squares method;Parameter optimization;Harmonic attenuation curve;
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