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A Clustering Scheme for Discovering Congested Routes on Road Networks
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 Title & Authors
A Clustering Scheme for Discovering Congested Routes on Road Networks
Li, He; Bok, Kyoung Soo; Lim, Jong Tae; Lee, Byoung Yup; Yoo, Jae Soo;
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On road networks, the clustering of moving objects is important for traffic monitoring and routes recommendation. The existing schemes find out density route by considering the number of vehicles in a road segment. Since they don’t consider the features of each road segment such as width, length, and directions in a road network, the results are not correct in some real road networks. To overcome such problems, we propose a clustering method for congested routes discovering from the trajectories of moving objects on road networks. The proposed scheme can be divided into three steps. First, it divides each road network into segments with different width, length, and directions. Second, the congested road segments are detected through analyzing the trajectories of moving objects on the road network. The saturation degree of each road segment and the average moving speed of vehicles in a road segment are computed to detect the congested road segments. Finally, we compute the final congested routes by using a clustering scheme. The experimental results showed that the proposed scheme can efficiently discover the congested routes in different directions of the roads.
Location based service;Trajectory data;Road network;Clustering;Vehicle;
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