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Block and Fuzzy Techniques Based Forensic Tool for Detection and Classification of Image Forgery
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 Title & Authors
Block and Fuzzy Techniques Based Forensic Tool for Detection and Classification of Image Forgery
Hashmi, Mohammad Farukh; Keskar, Avinash G.;
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In today’s era of advanced technological developments, the threats to the authenticity and integrity of digital images, in a nutshell, the threats to the Image Forensics Research communities have also increased proportionately. This happened as even for the ‘non-expert’ forgers, the availability of image processing tools has become a cakewalk. This image forgery poses a great problem for judicial authorities in any context of trade and commerce. Block matching based image cloning detection system is widely researched over the last 2-3 decades but this was discouraged by higher computational complexity and more time requirement at the algorithm level. Thus, for reducing time need, various dimension reduction techniques have been employed. Since a single technique cannot cope up with all the transformations like addition of noise, blurring, intensity variation, etc. we employ multiple techniques to a single image. In this paper, we have used Fuzzy logic approach for decision making and getting a global response of all the techniques, since their individual outputs depend on various parameters. Experimental results have given enthusiastic elicitations as regards various transformations to the digital image. Hence this paper proposes Fuzzy based cloning detection and classification system. Experimental results have shown that our detection system achieves classification accuracy of 94.12%. Detection accuracy (DAR) while in case of 81×81 sized copied portion the maximum accuracy achieved is 99.17% as regards subjection to transformations like Blurring, Intensity Variation and Gaussian Noise Addition.
Image forensics;Cloning detection;Fuzzy logic;Blurring;Intensity variation;Gaussian noise addition;
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