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Optimal Hyper Analytic Wavelet Transform for Glaucoma Detection in Fundal Retinal Images
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 Title & Authors
Optimal Hyper Analytic Wavelet Transform for Glaucoma Detection in Fundal Retinal Images
Raja, C.; Gangatharan, N.;
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Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness which is caused by increase of fluid pressure in the eye which damages the optic nerve and eventually causing vision loss. An automated technique to diagnose glaucoma disease can reduce the physicians’ effort in screening of Glaucoma in a person through the fundal retinal images. In this paper, optimal hyper analytic wavelet transform for Glaucoma detection technique from fundal retinal images is proposed. The optimal coefficients for transformation process are found out using the hybrid GSO-Cuckoo search algorithm. This technique consists of pre-processing module, optimal transformation module, feature extraction module and classification module. The implementation is carried out with MATLAB and the evaluation metrics employed are accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. Comparative analysis is carried out by comparing the hybrid GSO with the conventional GSO. The results reported in our paper show that the proposed technique has performed well and has achieved good evaluation metric values. Two 10- fold cross validated test runs are performed, yielding an average fitness of 91.13% and 96.2% accuracy with CGD-BPN (Conjugate Gradient Descent- Back Propagation Network) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) respectively. The techniques also gives high sensitivity and specificity values. The attained high evaluation metric values show the efficiency of detecting Glaucoma by the proposed technique.
Glaucoma;Hyper analytic transform;GSO;Cuckoo search;Support vector machines;
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