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Peak-Valley Current Mode Controlled H-Bridge Inverter with Digital Slope Compensation for Cycle-by-Cycle Current Regulation
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 Title & Authors
Peak-Valley Current Mode Controlled H-Bridge Inverter with Digital Slope Compensation for Cycle-by-Cycle Current Regulation
Manoharan, Mohana Sundar; Ahmed, Ashraf; Park, Joung-Hu;
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In this paper, digital peak current mode control for single phase H-bridge inverters is developed and implemented. The digital peak current mode control is achieved by directly controlling the PWM signals by cycle-by-cycle current limitation. Unlike the DC-DC converter where the output voltage always remains in the positive region, the output of DC-AC inverter flips from positive to negative region continuously. Therefore, when the inverter operates in negative region, the control should be changed to valley current mode control. Thus, a novel control logic circuit is required for the function and need to be analyzed for the hardware to track the sinusoidal reference in both regions. The problem of sub-harmonic instability which is inherent with peak current mode control is also addressed, and then proposes the digital slope compensation in constant-sloped external ramp to suppress the oscillation. For unipolar PWM switching method, an adaptive slope compensation in digital manner is also proposed. In this paper, the operating principles and design guidelines of the proposed scheme are presented, along with the performance analysis and numerical simulation. Also, a 200W inverter hardware prototype has been implemented for experimental verification of the proposed controller scheme.
H-bridge inverter;Peak current mode control;Cycle-by-cycle current limitation;Digital slope compensation;
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