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The Dimmable Single-stage Asymmetrical LLC Resonant LED Driver with Low Voltage Stress Across Switching Devices
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 Title & Authors
The Dimmable Single-stage Asymmetrical LLC Resonant LED Driver with Low Voltage Stress Across Switching Devices
Kim, Seong-Ju; Kim, Young-Seok; Kim, Choon-Taek; Lee, Joon-Min; La, Jae-Du;
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In the LED lighting industry, the dimming function in the LED lamp is required by demands of many consumers. To drive this LED lighting, various types of power converters have been applied. Among them, an LLC resonant converter could be applied for high power LED lighting because of its high efficiency and high power density, etc. The function of power factor correction (PFC) might be added to it. In this paper, a dimmable single-stage asymmetrical LLC resonant converter is proposed. The proposed converter performs both input-current harmonics reduction and PFC using the discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). Also, the lower voltage stress across switching devices as well as the zero voltage switching (ZVS) in switching devices is realized by the proposed topology. It can reduce cost and has high efficiency of the driver. In addition, the regulation of the output power by variable switching frequency can vary the brightness of a light. In the proposed converter, one of the attractive advantages doesn’t need any extra control circuits for the dimming function. To verify the performance of the proposed converter, simulation and experimental results from a 300W prototype are provided.
Asymmetrical;LLC resonant converter;Low voltage stress;Single-stage PFC;LED;DCM, Dimming method;Frequency control;
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