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Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Probe Design of a Ridge-loaded Slot Type for Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope
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 Title & Authors
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Probe Design of a Ridge-loaded Slot Type for Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope
Son, Hyeok-Woo; Kim, Byung-Mun; Hong, Jae-Pyo; Cho, Young-Ki;
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In this paper, a rectangular waveguide probe with a ridge-loaded straight slot (RLSS) is presented for a near-field scanning microwave microscope (NSMM). The RLSS is located laterally at the end wall of the cavity and is loaded on double ridges in a narrow straight slot to improve the spatial resolution compared with a straight slot. The probe consists of a rectangular cavity with an RLSS and a feed section of a WR-90 rectangular waveguide. When the proposed NSMM is located at distance of 0.1mm in front of a substrate without patches or strips, the simulated full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the probe improve by approximately 31.5 % compared with that of a straight slot without ridges. One dimensional scanning of the E-plane on a sample under test was conducted, and the reflection coefficient of the near-field scanning probe is presented.
Rectangular waveguide probe;Ridge-loaded straight slot;Near-field scanning;Microwave microscopy;
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