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Effective and Reliable Speed Control of Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Motor under Variable Loads
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 Title & Authors
Effective and Reliable Speed Control of Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Motor under Variable Loads
Tuna, Murat; Fidan, Can Bulent; Kocabey, Sureyya; Gorgulu, Sertac;
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This paper presents the effective and reliable speed control of PMDC motors under variable loads and reference speeds. As is known DC motors are more preferred in industrial practices. This is that, the PMDC motors don’t require brush and commutator care and to increase in torque per motor depending on developments in power electronics. In this study, proportional-integral controller (PI) and fuzzy logic controller (FL) have been designed for speed control of PMDC motor. In the design of these controllers, characteristics such as minimum overrun time, response time to the load, settling time and ideal rise time have been taken into consideration for better stability performance. In this design, the best system response was searched by examining the effect of different defuzzification methods onto the fuzzy logic system response. In conclusion, it has been seen that FL controller has a better performance for variable speed-load control of PMDC motor compared to PI controller.
Electrical vehicle;Fuzzy Logic control (FLC);PI controller;PMDC motor;Speed control;
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