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Initial Study of a Wire Mesh Tomography Sensor for Liquid/Gas Component Investigation
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 Title & Authors
Initial Study of a Wire Mesh Tomography Sensor for Liquid/Gas Component Investigation
Rahiman, M.H.F.; Siow, L.T.; Rahim, R.A.; Zakaria, Z.; Ang, Vernoon;
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Experimental studies have been carried out to study the principle operation of the conductive type wire-mesh tomography sensor and analyse the wire-mesh tomography sensor for the liquid/gas two-phase flow interface and void fraction distribution in a process column. The measurement of the two-phase flows in the process column is based on the cross-sectional local instantaneous conductivity. The sensor consists of two planes of parallel electrode wires with 16 electrodes each and was placed orthogonally with each plane. The sensor electrode wires were made of tinned copper wire with an outer diameter of 0.91 mm which stretched over the sensor fixture. Therefore, this result in the mesh grid size with 5.53×5.53mm2. The wire-mesh sensor was tested in a horizontal liquid/gas two-phase flows process column with nominal diameter of 95.6 mm and the sampling frequency of 5882.3529 Hz. The tomogram results show that the wire-mesh tomography provides significant results to represent the void fraction distribution in the process column and estimation error was found in the liquid/gas interface level
Process tomography;Wire-mesh sensor;Wire-mesh tomography;
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