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A Low-Cost Digital PWM-Controlled LED Driver with PFC and Low Light Flicker
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 Title & Authors
A Low-Cost Digital PWM-Controlled LED Driver with PFC and Low Light Flicker
Li, Yi; Lim, Jae-Woo; Kim, Hee-Jun;
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This paper proposes an LED driving circuit with a digital controller, power factor correct (PFC) function, and low light flicker. The key topology of the proposed circuit is a conventional Flyback combined with a pre-stage. As a result, there will be less light flicker than with other one-stage PFC circuits. A digital controller, implemented using a low-cost microcontroller, dsPIC30F2020, will meet PFC and low light flicker. The experimental results validate the functionality of the proposed circuit.
Digital control;LED driver;PFC;Light flicker;
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