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New Medical Image Fusion Approach with Coding Based on SCD in Wireless Sensor Network
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 Title & Authors
New Medical Image Fusion Approach with Coding Based on SCD in Wireless Sensor Network
Zhang, De-gan; Wang, Xiang; Song, Xiao-dong;
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The technical development and practical applications of big-data for health is one hot topic under the banner of big-data. Big-data medical image fusion is one of key problems. A new fusion approach with coding based on Spherical Coordinate Domain (SCD) in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for big-data medical image is proposed in this paper. In this approach, the three high-frequency coefficients in wavelet domain of medical image are pre-processed. This pre-processing strategy can reduce the redundant ratio of big-data medical image. Firstly, the high-frequency coefficients are transformed to the spherical coordinate domain to reduce the correlation in the same scale. Then, a multi-scale model product (MSMP) is used to control the shrinkage function so as to make the small wavelet coefficients and some noise removed. The high-frequency parts in spherical coordinate domain are coded by improved SPIHT algorithm. Finally, based on the multi-scale edge of medical image, it can be fused and reconstructed. Experimental results indicate the novel approach is effective and very useful for transmission of big-data medical image(especially, in the wireless environment).
Big-data;Medical image;Spherical coordinate;Fusion;
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