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Multiple Faults Detection and Isolation via Decentralized Sliding Mode Observer for Reconfigurable Manipulator
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 Title & Authors
Multiple Faults Detection and Isolation via Decentralized Sliding Mode Observer for Reconfigurable Manipulator
Zhao, Bo; Li, Chenghao; Ma, Tianhao; Li, Yuanchun;
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This paper considers a decentralized multiple faults detection and isolation (FDI) scheme for reconfigurable manipulators. Inspired by their modularization property, a global sliding mode (GSM) based stable adaptive fuzzy decentralized controller is investigated for the system in fault free, while for the system suffering from multiple faults (actuator fault and sensor fault), the decentralized sliding mode observer (DSMO) is employed to detect their occurrence. Hereafter, the time and location of faults can be determined by a fault isolation scheme via a bank of DSMOs. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed schemes in controlling, detecting and isolating faults is illustrated by the simulations of two 3-DOF reconfigurable manipulators with different configurations successfully.
Reconfigurable manipulator;Multiple faults detection and isolation;Decentralized sliding mode observer;Decentralized control;
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