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Analytic Model of Four-switch Inverter-fed Driving System for Wye or Delta-connected Motor with Current Ripple Reduction Scheme
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 Title & Authors
Analytic Model of Four-switch Inverter-fed Driving System for Wye or Delta-connected Motor with Current Ripple Reduction Scheme
Lee, Dong-Myung; Jung, Jin-Woo; Heo, Seo Weon; Kim, Tae Heoung;
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This paper proposes an analytic model for four-switch inverter (FSI)-driven wye (Y) or delta (Δ)-connected motors with a current ripple reduction algorithm. FSIs employ four switches in controlling three-phase load instead of using six switches. They have split dc-link stage, and due to this inherent structure there exists the voltage difference between upper and lower capacitors, which results in distortion of the inverter output voltage. To study characteristics of FSIs, this paper presents an advanced simulation models of FSI-driven control system for 3-phase motor that can has a wire connection either Y or Δ. In addition, this paper introduces a current ripple reduction scheme that mitigates degradation of control performance due to the voltage difference between the dc-link capacitors. The validity of the proposed method and the analytic model is verified by simulations and experiments carried out with 1-HP induction machine with Y or Δ-connection
Simulation model;Four-Switch Inverter (FSI);Ripple compensation;Wye or delta-connected motor;
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