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Design Considerations of Resonant Network and Transformer Magnetics for High Frequency LLC Resonant Converter
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 Title & Authors
Design Considerations of Resonant Network and Transformer Magnetics for High Frequency LLC Resonant Converter
Park, Hwa-Pyeong; Ryu, Younggon; Han, Ki Jin; Jung, Jee-Hoon;
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This paper proposes the design considerations of resonant network and transformer magnetics for 500 kHz high switching frequency LLC resonant converter. The high power density can be effectively achieved by adopting high switching frequency which allows small size passive components in the converter. The design methodology of magnetizing inductance is derived for zero voltage switching (ZVS) condition, and the design methodology of the transformer and output capacitance is derived to achieve high power density at high operating frequency. Moreover, the structure of transformer is analyzed to obtain the proper inductance value for high switching operation. To verify the proposed design methodology, simulation and experimental results will be presented including temperature of passive and active components, and power conversion efficiency to evaluate dominant power loss. In addition, the validity of magnetics design will be evaluated with operating waveforms of the prototype converter.
High switching frequency;LLC resonant converter;Transformer design;Power density;
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