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Optimal Placement of Distributed Generators in Radial Distribution System for Reducing the Effect of Islanding
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 Title & Authors
Optimal Placement of Distributed Generators in Radial Distribution System for Reducing the Effect of Islanding
K, Narayanan.; Siddiqui, Shahbaz A.; Fozdar, Manoj;
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The present trend of increasing the penetration levels of Distributed Generator (DG) in the distribution network has made the issue of Islanding crucial for the reliable operation of the network. The islanding, if not detected early may lead to the collapse of the system as it can drive the distribution system to the cascaded failure. In this paper, an extensive study of the effect of DG placement and sizing is performed by dividing the system into different zones to obtain a reduced effect of islanding. The siting and sizing of DG is carried out to improve the overall voltage profile or/and reduction in active power loss using two stage Genetic Algorithm (GA). In the first stage a basic knockout selection is considered and the best population is taken for next stage, where roulette selection for crossover and mutation is performed for optimal placement and sizing of DGs. The effect of the islanding, due to load variations is reduced by optimal siting and sizing of DG. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is tested on the IEEE 33 and 69 radial bus systems and the results obtained are promising.
Distributed generation;Penetration level;Islanding;Voltage stability;Active power loss;Genetic algorithm;
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